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A quixotic journey from creative to code—all in AR mode

Chaotic Moon AR Tour du Jour

We hacked Google Cardboard to create custom headsets for an upgraded, AR-infused studio tour. The net effect is a first-of-its-kind, depth-perceptive “mixed reality” device and an experience we’ve dubbed “poor man’s VR.” Get behind the lens—and go behind the scenes—for a never-before-seen Chaotic Moon studio tour!

Story Behind the Project

While our office is already pretty awesome, we thought it was only right that we step up our game during SXSW by taking reality and turning the volume way up.

With the Chaotic Moon AR Tour du Jour we’re taking the standard studio visit and adding an AR twist by infusing the environment with digital elements and markers that are only visible to users wearing a Chaotic headset (a modified version of Google Cardboard that boasts a different 2D effect). Picture an office tour on digital steroids and a CM experience that’s more enhanced, immersive and interesting than ever before.

Tech Specs

Future Applications

One important thing worth noting is the ease of the use, and the way we’re taking this tech and integrating it more and more with the user’s eyes. This concept could be taken outside the office and easily translated into the real world as well. Imagine an enhanced version of Austin, in which historical markers trigger pop-up images, facts and videos for those wearing the headsets. Alternately, imagine if you were walking down the street with a headset, and anytime you looked at a restaurant, its Yelp rating automatically popped up. It’s still reality—it’s just been augmented.